Q & A Page

Question: Is there a problem with some of the sounds in the player? I can't seem to hear them even though they appear to be playing in the player.
Some of the bass and sub bass sounds are very hard to hear on ordinary laptop speakers. Try using monitor speakers or at least a pair of closed ear headphones. Lap-top speakers and ear-buds typically do not have the bass response needed to hear these sounds correctly.

Question: Why do some players not have any sounds in them?
This means the sounds for that unit are still in the editing process but will be uploaded as soon as they are ready for preview.

This could also mean the flash player did not load correctly. Try refreshing the page.

Question: Some sounds in the player seem to have clicks in them. Is this part of the sample?
Actually this is a part of the player itself. The actual samples are guaranteed not to have any clicks or pops. Each sample on our site goes through an exacting editing process (unless otherwise noted) by our own certified recording engineer.

Question: I have samples I made from synthesizers I have owned. Would you be interested in using them?

Here are a few guidelines if you send us samples:
Please only submit samples that were made from the original hardware.
Make sure they have good levels, no line noise, and no external effects or processing.
Please let us know if it's OK to give you credit for any submissions.