Alesis NanoBass

Bass Synthesizer Module

The Alesis NanoBass is a 64 voice 16 bit bass synthesizer module. The NanoBass has a total of 256 bass sounds arranged in 16 catagories of 16 sounds each. The categories are as follows: acoustic, acid, drone, effect, elec1, elec2, elec3, fretless/harmonic, funk, house, industrial, layer, rap, synth1, synth2, synth3. The bass samples are linear 48kHz 16 bit that are stored in 4 megabytes of onboard ROM. There is a built-in multi-effect similar to the one used in the Alesis Q2 signal processor. Although there are no editing capabilities on the NanoBass itself, a librarian/editor program will allow you to change some parameters using the MIDI connections. An editor will enable the user to adjust the 3 envelope generators, 3 LFOs, programmable effects and the QS modulation matrix. Any edits made to the internal sounds will be lost when the unit is powered off. The rear panel has a pair of ¼” unbalanced stereo left and right outputs, a MIDI in, and a MIDI out/thru. The NanoBass was first released in 1997 by Alesis Studio Electronics of U.S.A.

Original studio samples converted to 160kbps mp3’s for player.

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Alesis NanoBass
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