Roland R-8 Sound Cards

The Roland Sound Card Collection, each containing 26 samples, was released starting 1989 by Roland Corporation of Japan.

SN-R8-01 – Contemporary Percussion
SN-R8-02 – Jazz Brush
SN-R8-03 – Sound Effects
SN-R8-04 – Electronic

Roland SN-R8-05 – Jazz
Roland SN-R8-06 – Ethnic Percussion
Roland SN-R8-07 – Mallet
Roland SN-R8-08 – Dry

SN-R8-09 – Power Drums U.S.A.
SN-R8-10 – Dance
SN-R8-11 – Metallic Percussion

Original studio samples converted to 160kbps mp3’s for player.

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