Roland R-70
Check out our Roland R-70 page featuring 242 samples from the R-70.

How we found our R-70 was at a local garage sale a couple years ago for around 80 bucks. It was one of those good deals you come across every now and again. We sampled it when we first got it then sold it soon after and proceeded to forget we ever had it. I don’t think it was because it is easy to forget but because we  never really used it and only had it for a couple weeks. To us it seemed like a they just threw reverb all over a R-8 MK2.

So we just realized we had the samples a few days ago. We decided to edited them and get them up on the site. Go ahead and take a listen then let us know what you think. You can listen to all 242 of them by hitting the preview sounds button below.

If you want to download the Wav file zip just click here Half off from now thru 3/18/19

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